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Facebook Fans of the Month for August

Posted by Michele Herzog on September 10, 2013

Sandy Chiang

I'm currently a stay at home mom to Abigail who is turning 1 soon. After having my daughter I realized how much my parents gave up to raise us when we were younger. Being a mom is a 24/7 jobs with no vacation, holiday or sick days. However, it is well worth it when i hear her laugh or when she gives me a smile, hugs and kisses. When I'm not too busy being a mom I like to do arts and crafts, cross stitching, baking and trying new recipes. Also, my new found love for ceramic! Definitely will look more into taking ceramic classes when my daughter is older.

We chose Sandy to be our Facebook fan of the month for August because she always has a wonderful comment to add to any topic at hand. She has a way of encouraging others and congratulating them on their successes, a wonderful quality we look for in our fans.

Sheetal Singh

I spent my whole youth in India, then, once I started a family of my own I moved to Bermuda, an Island in the middle of the Atlantic. After residing in Bermuda for 11 years, I then moved to the United States, New York, and Queens; here my husband is a chef and I decided to have another child, Lillian, currently one and a half years old to keep my older daughter, Lisha, who now is fourteen, company. Before the pregnancy I was occupied in studying for my travel agent course because I had an interest in global and travel studies during my college years. However, as a mother of two beautiful daughters I realized I had to now devote my time toward them. Although I had to give up my career and I faced many hardships during my pregnancy such as gestational diabetes, I encountered a number of friends who introduced me to numerous Facebook pages promoting deals for mothers all around the world. Now I’m just a happily married house wife and a mother of two who is constantly searching for cute, crafty and money saving products that mesmerize my little one’s brain.

Sheetal has been an Innobaby fan and supporter for many months now. We have chosen her to be our fan of the month because she brings a lot of charisma and positive energy to our wall. She has also brought on many of her friends and family to enjoy our site and our products; we even had the opportunity to meet them at the New York Baby Show!

Congratulations again to our wonderful Innobaby Fans! Keep up with the great work, we love all of your support!